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communication tools


google drive

Google Drive will allow you to share files (documents, spreadsheets, images, and powerpoints) with your team and clients. While using the drive your whole team can work on projects together, making changes at the same time, or leaving comments for one another to view later.


Gmail is our favorite email platform because it works so smoothly alongside google drive, g suite, and google calendar. We also love that all of the emails that we send are automatically encripted.

g suite

The g suite is how we stay connected as a team, to link our calendars together as well as work together seamlessly on google drive.

google calendar

google calendar links perfectly with your email, for fast and easy scheduling. It also allows you to keep all of your virtual meeting links in one handy place so that when meeting time comes you are ready to go. We use this to also ensure that we have made time in our schedules to prioritize the things that are most important to us, our families!


Clickup will allow you to schedule out all future tasks for your team as well as your clients. We also love that we can easily attach links such as websites, images, videos, and other items on our google drive.


Stripe is awesome for beating fraud and sending invoices to our clients. Stripe makes moving money simple for both us and our clients. They also are all about helping small businesses. If you are considered a small business they will be able to help!


Canva is an amazing tool for producing a number of graphics including ads, posters, workbooks, and images for social media. Canva also comes equipped with premade templates, images, and graphics to create the perfect design for your needs. Our favorite feature is the ability to save our brand colors and images for easy graphic production.


Dubsado helps us build relationships and create workflows within our business. Some of our favorite features are the payment reminders we can set up, as well as the invoice and contract template that we utilize. We talk a LOT about automation and this is one of our main tools to make that happen.


Calendly is the best way that we are able to collaborate multiple schedules to book virtual meetings for both our staff, and clients. We are easily able to input our schedule restrictions, and allow clients to book meetings within the times that we are both available.


Slack is an excellent way to share information with specific groups. For example, we can have a slack workspace for our employees, and a slack community for our clients or potential clients. Also within these workspaces we can have specific channels to discuss focused topics.


Grammarly is an excellent tool that proofreads our documents and posts for us! When we misspell something or need to add a comma somewhere Grammarly notifies us with a red line and allows us to make a change to our document. This is crucial for putting information out into the world or to clients as a business.

platform tools


funnel gorgeous

We love using Funnel Gorgeous not only as our website production platform, but also for creating our sales funnel and tracking our business metrics.

go daddy

Go Daddy is an awesome platform to use for finding the perfect domain name for your business.

host gator

Host Gator is an excellent hosting service, their basic shared hosting plans come with unlimited storage, bandwidth, free domain. They also have great customer service, who connected through a live chat instantly and answered each question within a few seconds.


Squarespace is where we got our start with web design and website creation. This platform has beautiful layouts, and easy to use website production abilities, which is why we recommend it for people just getting started with a new website!


Wordpress is an excellent website production platform with endless creative options and capabilities. It offers lots of different options for you to customize literally anything. It also provides an email platform for your whole team. We wouldn't recommend this platform for beginners, because of the unlimited options.


Later offers the opportunity to post information to Instagram later, hence the name. This platform also allows you to easily see all posts scheduled out in a calendar form for easy organization.


Evernote allows you to have your notes, tasks, and schedules all in one place. We love to use Evernote as an easy way to keep track of our to do lists and brainstorming ideas on the go!


We love using zoom with both our clients and our staff. There are a number of video platforms out there, but we like zoom because of it's convenience for both Mac and PC computers. We love the ability to record, share comments and links through the chat feature, and it also pairs conveniently with our google calendar and gmail accounts.


We love Shopify for it's customizable ability. We also love that Shopify takes care of everything from marketing and payments to secure transactions and shipping. This is specifically a great resource for businesses that are offering physical products!


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assessment tools



The Kolbe A Index test or instinct test is a test that you can take to better understand the ways that you react when given a challenge. It measures the instinctive ways that you take action. You can use this test to be more productive, and less stressed in the workplace.


The enneagram test helps you understand which of the 9 different personality types you are. This can help you understand habits that you have and why you have them, as well as ways that you typically respond to challenges.

clifton strengths finder test

Taking the Clifton Strength Finder Test will provide you with your top five strengths. This information can be critical in understanding which tasks will be most efficient for you to tackle versus which tasks you are not neccesarily skilled at and can delegate to your staff.

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