about jeanette

Hey girl hey!

I'm are Jeanette.

I started this business when I realized God has a unique mission for me. To help empower female business owners, save them more time, and make them more money.

After an unexpected exit from the Air Force...

I had the clarity knowing my next CEO would be the creator of the Universe and making a massive impact in the lives of female entrepreneurs.

I tried a bunch of things, but one truth remained. To make massive impact, I need massive income.

I knew with passion and resilience, I could show female entrepreneurs how to do the same. With my extensive IT knowledge working on military systems, I needed a client enrollment system that worked for me.

As a homeschool mom, I don't have time to be on social media all day and write a million emails. I know you don't either.

So I created a system that works for me and my lifestyle. And knew I had something other people could use as well.

Showing up for my family and clients is where I want to be, I know you do too.

Two months in business, and less than 300 followers on IG, we had our first 5 figure month.

I had the clarity

We have been where you are.

We have been in your shoes. Unsure of who to listen to and who to follow.

Finally, we found that we were getting lost in the mix and it was time to break the chain. We discovered that we deserved an individualized strategy and experience. And it occurred to us that there are probably women out there who want to exact same thing. We want to empower you to take your business to the next level!

what i do

show you how to take your systems to the next level...


Your marketing was great when you first started, but now there are a lot more pieces to your business.



Your niche and audience are unique. We create a plan with you, and for YOUR BUSINESS.



We take the time to implement these things into your business to ensure a strong foundation, and long term success.

video proof

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They are really powerful.

The missing piece

want to find out why your growth isn't matching your effort?

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